6 Simple Breast Enlargement Exercises You Can Do At Home

Majority of the women in the world are unsatisfied with their breast size. For good looking breasts, several women chose to go for breast augmentation surgery 1bet2u. Indeed, it is the fastest way to get the desired results. However, it is not natural. Moreover, surgery is not the only way to go about if you want to increase the size of your breasts. Exercising is another natural way. We have brought you some simple exercises that you can easily do at home. If you do it regularly, you will be able to see the difference. Working-out develops your breast because the exercises slot online build up the pectoral muscles, as well as the fat tissue in your breasts. When you practice these simple exercises, you will be working on all the muscles around your chest area that makes your breast larger and toned. For results, do these exercises slowly and steadily, but regularly. Moreover, this will also help you sport a better-toned body as well. Some of the breast-enlargement exercises that really work are:


  1. Push-Ups – Doing push-ups is one of the most traditional ways of working on your chest area. You will have to place both your palms on the floor, with both arms and feet shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself by bending your elbow and then push yourself up again. If you find it difficult on your toes, you can always try kneeling while doing the push-ups.
  2. Wall Push-Ups – This is the easiest one of all the exercises listed here. It is quite similar to a regular push-up. In a wall push-up, you have to push alongside a wall instead of the floor. You have to place your feet away from the wall. Then place your palms on the wall and bend your arms, just like in a push-up.


  1. Dumbbell Flyes – You will be needing dumbbells for this exercise. Hold the dumbbells firmly and stretch out both arms. You arms should be parallel to the floor. Then lift the dumbbells over you, and lower your arms back to their position.
  2. Reverse Dumbbell Flyes– Reverse flyes are similar to standard flyes. However, they are much more challenging as you face the floor. Lie down on a bench facing downwards. Swing your arms outwards, away from the floor.
  3. Chest Dips– Chest Dips work on your chest muscles as well as triceps. You can do it by using a bench or the edge of a chair. Lower yourself by bending your elbows and before touching the ground, push yourself up again.
  4. Elevated push-ups– Place your palms on the floor and elevate your legs up by using a sofa or a swiss ball. Depending on the difficulty you can manage, elevate higher or lower. Lower yourself by bending your elbows and then push yourself up again.


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